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A Little Bit About What We Are

Mindscapes Enhance (MECPL) is a multi-discipline brand marketing & brand experience consultancy - small in brick-and-mortar structure yet huge on ideas, promises and delivery. With varied experience in brand marketing, specialized media planning & buying, brand activation, experiential marketing & consumer engagement programmes, creating, owning and managing events, celebrity & fashion events management, the team behind the company are accomplished and well known professionals who have been successful entrepreneurs, have worked in leadership positions in some of the leading media agencies and have also headed brand marketing & marketing communications in some of the corporate houses of repute.

Headquartered in Bangalore, the company has presence & operations across the country in all key regions & markets.

Connect, Converse & Engage are the three “mantras” of brand marketing in MECPL. Our deep understanding of the behaviour of Indian consumers & the nuances of extremely diverse format of the Indian market helps us connect with the market. Our belief in & insight into the integrated experience-led interaction, infused with technology, innovation & creativity have given us the edge to converse & engage effectively to build the brand-consumer relationships.

Our Legacy & Milestones

  • Mindscapes remained the first Indian OOH specialist agency to manage a ‘Global Campaign through Out-of- Home Media’ as we had launched the ‘Incredible India’ Campaign in 6 countries worldwide for Ministry of Tourism, Govt of India, in collaboration with Grey Worlwide India.
  • Mindscapes managed the India launch campaigns (OOH Duties) for Global Brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica, Suzuki Motorcycles, Haier etc.
  • Mindscapes owned, conceptualized and organized ‘Kolkata Fashion Week’ to change the fashion scenario in Eastern India forever.
  • The sister concern, Mindscapes Maestros have remained Brand Consultants and managers for Celebrities like Mr. MS Dhoni, Mr. John Abraham, Ms. Neha Dhupia, Mr. Gautam Gambhir and the likes to manage their endorsements and off-the field activities.
  • Conceptualized and managed proprietary and award-winning brand properties like “The redBus Crew” for redBus.in ( an Ibibo Group Company)

What We Do

Our Offerings

  • Connected Platform - At the very core of our service offering lies the objective to create a connected consumer platform.
  • Integration - Together with a clear integration of Out-of-Home + Retail Marketing + Brand Activation & Experiential Marketing + Data & Analytics + Content.
  • Technology - Embracing technology and integration that it has to offer at the center of innovation in OOH, retail & activation spaces remain our focus area.
  • Content & Ideation - Creative advisory, ideation & content development specific to experiential marketing, consumer engagement & retail branding are where we invest our resources in.

Our Services

  • Out-of-Home - Roadside, Transit, in-mall media planning, buying & innovations.
  • Retail Branding, Shopper-connect,
  • Brand Activation, Experiential Marketing, Consumer Engagement
  • Cinema Advertising, In-film Branding
  • Specilized Prints, Creative Consultancy, Content Development, Ideation specific to experiential & retail

Our Specialty Verticals

  • meConnect: Shopper Marketing, Retail & In-store Branding, Display & Merchandising:
    We understand retail marketing intimately with its behaviour and the nuances of diverse Indian market formats; addressing your retail & in-store branding requirements for identity, equity, disruption, expansion, and engagement at retail, while carefully ensuring its impact on sales. Our approach to retail design & merchandising is brand, product and market driven.
  • meConverse: Brand Activation, Experiential & Consumer Engagement, Special Builds:
    We understand that integrated experience led engagement infused with technology, innovation & creativity is the future of activating brand-consumer relationships. Our brand activation team specializes in providing customized and measurable solutions to address specific brand marketing objectives, creating meaningful conversations and enhancing ROI on your spends.
  • meEngage: Integrated Data & Analytics on Consumer Behaviour, Ideation & Content Development to engage consumers, Creative Advisory to experiential & retail branding:
    The relevant consumer data collated and analysed as well as a seamless integration of the analysed data can generate interactive smart visualizations to ideate and develop innovative contents to do wonders in terms of reaching out to the right TG at the right place – on the go.

Client Speak

"mindscapes enhance have been a pillar for us wrt rolling out our on ground activation and retail branding activities. They have partnered with us & are executing our redBus ‘Flying Squad’ crew activity from the inception which has had a tremendous impact on improving our nps scores".

Pallavi Chopra

Pallavi Chopra, Sr. Brand Director & Head of Marketing


"My experience with Team Mindscapes has been beyond satisfactory. They are always on their toes and deliver best quality results. Their multifaceted service into Outdoor, Cinema and BTL make them my first choice for any marketing requirement. I wish them all the best in their future endeavours".

Amit Vyas

Amit Vyas, Sr.Manager Marketing

Arvind – TAS Division

"mindscapes enhance” have been handling our advertising duties since 2009 and we are immensely satisfied with their performance and the insights and value they bring on the table".

Vipul Mathur

Vipul Mathur, Head of Marketing

vf Brands India – Lee

Our Work

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The redBus Flying Squad - Taking India Home.

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